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Do you want to accelerate growth

and realise the value of your company?


Pivot Invest is a partner for growth and sustainable business values. Through close cooperation with management, owners and board,
we help to identify the path to accelerate growth.

What we do

What we do

We are software specialists who support companies with great ambitions. We have led fast-growing technology companies and know how challenging it can be. Our experience is that a lot of good work already has been done and that specific adjustment can contribute to the desired scaling. We believe in strong partnerships and favour co-investing in the business to show our commitment. We partner with selected companies where we can contribute with coaching, know-how and investments.

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Six Areas for Pivot Invest -

We believe there will always be opportunities to improve and scale. How we typically support you:

  • Optimizing the business model

  • Building a scalable organization

  • Tuning-up sales and marketing

  • Finding, buying and integrating companies

  • Financing for further growth

  • Prepare and sell the company


We have successfully acquired and sold several businesses. If you are considering to sell part or whole of the company, we will help you with the process, from positioning to identification of potential buyers and negotiations. In most cases, it will be highly profitable to review the business model, strategic options and implement critical changes before starting a sales process. 

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Who we are

Who we are

We have a shared set of values where expertise is highly treasured and believe in purpose-driven companies. Each of us has more than 20 years of experience in various industries and functions. We have led fast-growing technology companies and are passionate believers that there are always opportunities to scale.


Kent is an experienced global technology executive with a track record of driving innovation, digital transformation and double-digit growth. He has more than 20 years of experience in building, training and leading highly motivated, purpose and goal-oriented management teams encompassing sales, business development and R&D. He has acquired and profitably integrated several companies from Japan in the east to Silicon Valley in the west. Kent has had roles in leading growth companies, including positions as Chair of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Sales- and Marketing Director, Web Strategist and IT Consultant.

Kent has held several international board positions for the last ten years and currently serves as chair of the board at three fast-growing technology companies that provide software and solutions to increase safety and efficiency at more than 25000 workplaces. He holds a Master in Information Science and a BA degree in Economics, both from the University of Bergen.

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Svein has 25 years’ experience from leading international companies in various industries. With his commercial oriented leadership he has had roles such as Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer and Sales- and Marketing Director; always with a dedicated focus on revenue growth, innovation and team collaboration. In his roles, Svein has contributed to changing the market position of companies by driving transformation in sales performance, process improvement and strategy development across several business verticals. He has been part of leadership acquiring and integrating companies across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. He is currently engaged as an advisor to management, owners and board in technology companies. 

Svein holds a BA degree in Business Organisation from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, and an MA degree in International Relations from IUJ, Japan.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Pivot Invest AS 

Strandgaten 9 - 5013 Bergen - Norway

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